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#1 - 12,000 steps per day

#1 - 12,000 steps per day

Since it's 9:18 pm on August 2nd, I guess I won't be getting 12,000 steps in today. The fist day of the rest of my life starts tomorrow, so cliché. (I guess today - that's when this goes up? I'm such a newbie)

My first 14 day goal is to get 12,000/day, or more. Let's see how it goes... what will happen?

I was recently on vacation and I spent so much time walking and I felt great! I would wake up early, have energy throughout the day and my jeans fit me a lot better... 

I've been home for 5 days, so far, I have failed to reach 12,000 steps now that it's back to reality

Starting August 3rd, 2017 - I have to succeed, it's written! Right?

A little about my time Monday - Friday

  1. I work 8 hours per day
  2. I travel 1 hour to and 1 hour from work
  3. Ideally, I should be sleeping 8 hours/night (hahaha, right...)
  4. It takes 1 hour for me to get ready
  5. This leaves me with 5 hours/day where I'm not sleeping, working, driving or getting ready. Doable? Sure! (I wish I knew how to add a "not sure looking" emoji like this :/ )

I'm sure as posts go on, you'll begin to learn a bit more  about me and why I'm doing this.

What I'm Using - 12,000 Step Challenge

What I'm Using - 12,000 Step Challenge

Starting Point

Starting Point