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#1 12,000 steps/day, First 7 Days Progress

#1 12,000 steps/day, First 7 Days Progress

Getting 12,000 steps in isn't as easy as I thought. It was really easy while I was on holidays but it's a whole other thing now that I'm back at work.

Real talk for a second. I'm finding it difficult to go out for walks  on my own. I have pretty bad anxiety when left by myself, so days that I work from home and no one is here with me - going for walks seems impossible. The days that my anxiety is so crippling I can't walk out the from door, I turn on  the TV, put on  my running shoes and jog in place a couple thousand steps at a time. The days I feel anxious but I'm able to leave the house, I force myself to get out. 

What  I've Noticed

1. My hands swell when I'm walking quickly and bringing my heart rate up. This also happens with my sister. I've done a little bit of research (and by research I mean I Googled for a minute) and found that this is a common occurrence with a lot of people while working out according to the Mayo Clinic website.
Article here for  your reference:

2. I obsessively look at my steps throughout the day. The app really helps motivate me. 

3. My anxiety isn't as intense as it was at the beginning of the week. It helps that my sister and nephew are here

4. I have quite a bit more energy and want to get off my a**. 


Day 1 - 12,088 steps. SUCCESS. But it sucked. I started getting my steps in around 6 pm  so it was a race to get them in. I really should be doing 4000 in the morning, 4000 throughout the day and 4000 in  the evening. That would be the smart thing to do!. I literally walked around my house for hours to get these it. Definitely need a  better plan for tomorrow.

Day 2 - 12,123 steps - I did it again! Started in the evening and ran around my house for a couple of hours. Steps are steps though. I'm not feeling the burn in the morning, does that mean it's not working? 

Day 3 - 12,147 steps. It's getting easier - but I really need to get  out of the house. 

Day 4 - 12,134 steps. I am sick as a dog! I have a summer cold and it sucks. BUT I walked anyway and I feel good about it. I actually got out of the house and walked around the track AND around town with my sister

Day 5 - 12,011 steps. These ones were hard. It was a rainy day and I've been sick.

Day 6 - 12,675 steps. Today was easy. I walked at work and took my nephew out. Did about 8 laps a round the track and BAM steps were done.

Day 7 - 12,060 steps. It is HOT and HUMID out today. I did walk to the store rather  than drive, that would not have happened a month ago

Baby Steps

Baby Steps